AR Combo Armorer Wrench – 2nd

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These wrenches were cut with slightly oversized dowel pin holes.  Pins are loose when installed.  If you are handy and have a method to weld the pins in, here is your chance to save some money.   These wrenches come unfinished and without dowel pins (stock photo shown).

  • Precision CNC laser cut steel
  • Ability to remove both standard barrel nuts and free float barrel nuts
  • Hardened steel pins
  • 5/8″ and 3/4″ slots for receiver extensions and standard flash hiders
  • Stock castle nut removal
  • 1/2″ torque wrench or breaker bar socket (two 1/2″ sockets for the Combo Wrench)
  • The “Combo Wrench” includes AR10 and DPMS LR-308 free float barrel nut removal capabilities along with the standard AR10, DPMS, and AR15 standard nut removal capabilities
  • Free float handguard locking nut wrench feature for removing and installing locking nut on various manufacturer’s handguard.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA


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